In a recent article in The New York Times entitled, “Cyberattack Hits Ukraine Then Spreads Internationally”, it was stated, “Like the WannaCry attacks in May, the latest global hacking took control of computers and demanded digital ransom from their owners to regain access.” Over the past couple of years, we have all learned of the massive “HACKING” of companies like, Sony, Target, Google, Yahoo, Fed-X, and even JP Morgan Chase Bank, to name a few. In Europe, 155 hospitals, including the Royal London Hospital, were hacked, which sent tremors across Britain’s National Health Service. In addition, virtually, the whole country of Ukraine, including governmental offices and financial service institutions, were disabled.
Not being divulged, is the foundation of many of these Ransomware Hacks, the all but invisible, “Man in the Middle” Attack (MitMA)! The structure and implementation of this type of attack causes the typical HTTPS security measures, along with SSL encryption methods, to be bypassed, laying bare these entities databases to digital seizure and theft! Truly, we have a worldwide crisis, which has far reaching implications!


Titan Defenseware’s “Defender” product, is the only early detection system worldwide, capable of detecting, the virtually invisible methods deployed in, this “Man in the Middle Attack”. Defender stands guard over your URL, monitoring communications specifically to detect the digital fingerprint of MitMA! Unlike other systems that are directed to stop implementation of an attack, ie… Anti-Virus/Malware, from within, Defender detects the attack pre-penetration thru your firewall, while the threat is still out on the web. In that manner, Defender restores your ability to protect your IT Systems from MitMA, giving you peace of mind!

​Gerald Barber, CEO of GlobalTech Holdings, Inc.(GLBH), indicated:
“We are proud to make available the “Titan Defender” System, to aid in restoring IT Systems security to businesses, in addition to, medical and governmental entities,  worldwide!”

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