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Project Description


“GlobalTech Holdings goal is to achieve Management/Operational Excellence with a focus in high demand markets segments. With this focus, GlobalTech will create stable, long-term growth, thereby achieving consistent/predictable investment returns for our shareholders!”

GlobalTech’s primary business determination is to focus on high demand market segments that generate ongoing residual monthly revenue. To that end, Management analyzes market opportunities with an assessment mindset of 5, 10, 15 & 20-year projections. The determining factors considered by Management are, overall industry direction, current and future market demand, in addition to revenue growth potential, impacting the current and long term profitability for GlobalTech and its shareholders. With those parameters in mind, GlobalTech has chosen to focus on the following endeavors:

  • Cyber Security is a huge concern, both to industry and governments worldwide, and will continue to be as the landscape of our digital world expands and changes.

  • Data Management is a daily part of all of our personal/corporate lives. Businesses cannot succeed without effective management/functionality of their IT Systems. In the current climate of acquisitions and mergers of today’s corporate world, database conflicts are commonplace. These inefficiencies cost companies worldwide 100’s of millions of dollars annually in lost revenue.

The huge potential for market acceptance of our service offerings will lead to consistent revenue generation for GLBH and it’s shareholders. This fact makes GlobalTech’s business model an attractive offering to any investor looking for long-term growth and stability.


 Gerald Barber – CEO

Mr. Barber brings an extensive background in executive-level management in the following areas: Strategic Planning, Business Turnarounds, Retailing, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Call Centers, in addition to Product Distribution. Mr. Barbers expertise and management style lead his teams to consistently exceed sales goals and company performance expectations. Mr. Barber has over 30 years of executive management experience, serving as President and CEO of both privately held and large publicly traded companies, with annual sales exceeding 1.5 billion.

David Bosko – CFO

Mr. Bosko brings over 30 years of experience to GlobalTech’s Chief Financial Officer position. His previous experience included, CFO for Adeptive Solutions in addition to holding the Senior Auditor with the impressive team at Touche Ross & Company. Mr. Bosko was also the Budget Director for the Blair Corporation, a $500 million dollar publicly traded mail order company. Prior to Blair, Mr. Bosko held executive financial positions for various small and medium sized companies in the process of start-up or reorganization.

Scott Miller – COO

Mr. Miller has had a varied career, with his main focus in the Medical Industry. He has held positions, either by contract of employee as: President of Sales and Contracting with General Asset Recovery of Chicago. He also served as the President of Business Development with Neoforma and a Member of the Leadership Council. In that position, Mr. Miller headed the IPO effort for the company, raising $150 Million. His contracting efforts also yielded a total of 800+ hospitals under contract with Neoforma. Mr. Miller served for a time with Med One Source as President of the Service Arm Division of the company. Mr. Miller also served as a Consultant to the following hospitals and educational institutions: HCA, Catholic Health Services, Duke University, Baptist, Mayo Clinic, UMass Healthcare, University of California and Baylor University.


Mr. Hunter has been a serial entrepreneur since 1978, specializing in Real Estate Development, Architectural Design Consultation and Vertical Construction. His Build/Design firm was involved in multiple projects, commercial and residential, spanning 30+ years. The geographical reach of his company spanned the Southeast United States with a total of 48 retail projects in his tenure in this field. His scope of ability extends to market feasibility analysis, conceptual design and budget projection, civil and vertical design in addition to horizontal and vertical construction management. Mr. Hunter’s depth of experience/vision in the business field has been the driving force in bringing our technology offerings to market!