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Project Description

“Making Apples and Oranges talk!”



The caption statement above – “Making Apples and Oranges Talk!” seems somewhat childish and informal at best, but it does describe, to a great degree, exactly the focus of DbaseNOW!, Inc. In today’s business environment of acquisitions and mergers, the opportunity for dis-similar database systems to be housed under the same business structure, has become common place. This presents some unique challenges in financial reporting, in addition to, business management and planning. These issues, coupled with the cost of up grading database systems, not including the huge cost of migration of old data to the new system, and you have a very expensive process. In the medical field, their are also the concerns of HIPPA violations with data being misplaced or worse, coupled with the ever increasing regulations as to retention of PII for many years. All of these factors combine to make for very challenging circumstances.


DbaseNOW!tm specializes in the integration of dis-similar (apples and oranges) database systems. Our proprietary process all but eliminates the countless hours of code to tie these systems together. In addition, the high cost of upgrading to a new database system, the retraining of personnel, not to mention, the cost of migration of old data, etc… is eliminated! How do we do that, you ask? Thru our unique programming concept, DbaseNOW!tm, maps the two database systems, allowing them to communicate bi-directionally, as if they were the same database programs. 

A recent hospital client had one EMR System, while their 10 affiliate facilities had six differing EMR systems. The hospital employed 5 people full time to keep up with tracking and compiling information. The cost of upgrading the 10 affiliates to the hospitals EMR System was 1.2 Million dollars, while the data-migration and implementation would stretch into 3 years at a multiple of 4X the software upgrade. ​

DbaseNOW!tm, solution to the hospital was this, at approximately half the cost of upgrade, and none of the cost of migration or retraining of their employees, the hospitals EMR and that of their affiliates would be joined together to produce a 100% integration! That’s right, in an estimated 3 – 4 months, complete integration, no loss of data, no percentage of non-functional integration. The result? Generation of complete financial data, across multiple EMR systems, seamlessly! 

DbaseNOW!tm, your solution to database communication challenges. Don’t upgrade, DbaseNOW!tm… You’ll be glad you did!

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