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Titan Defenseware, Inc.

the world’s one and only…

– Man in the Middle – Detection Service


The adjacent video shows a  vulnerability which is called a “Man in the Middle” attack. In such an attack, as mentioned above, Usernames and Passwords are harvested by a hostile actor. This video shows how simple that really is…

CHALLENGEMan in the Middle



Titan’s “Defender” monitoring service, is the only, Patented, Third Party Verified, “Early Detection System” of its kind, worldwide!

  • Defender stands guard over your URL monitoring communications specifically to detect the digital fingerprint of the Man in the Middle activity!

  • Defender detects the operation of the Man in the Middle out on the web. This is a revolutionary threat detection ability, giving sight to potentially hostile activity outside your firewall.

  • Since Man in the Middle is actually a “harvesting” of your customers/clients Usernames and Passwords, in an effort to gain access to your database information thru your URL, Defender is actually an advanced safe guard to your Database/IT Systems.

  • Hostile actors utilize your customers/clients Usernames and Password combinations to bypass the safe guards afforded by this system. In this manner they are granted access, bypassing your firewall, directly to your Database/IT Systems. Defender stops this form of access!

  • In this manner, Defender restores your ability to protect your IT Systems from Ransomware, launched from a Spoofed Software update, after a hostile actor gains access to your IT Systems using stolen Usernames and Passwords, via a Man in the Middle operation.

  • Defender also restores the integrity of your URL, in that a hostile actor can no longer Spoof your site, using it to target your company and your clients with a Man in the Middle.

  • The Defender System is self reporting to your Cyber Security Staff, giving them the ability to analyze the threat and eliminate it!

  • Defender is not meant to supplant Anti-Virus/Malware functionality. These systems have their place within a planned deterrent system.


Defender is capable of detecting and stopping the, virtually invisible, methods deployed in a Man in the Middle attack!

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